Unmatched Benefits of Using Salesforce For Marketing

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is one of the most popular SaaS platforms that’s been used by organizations all over the world for marketing automation and customer engagement.  It has the potential of supporting different facets of marketing, such as social media and email marketing, mobile marketing, and it also helps in data management, knowing customer journeys, and having pre and post-marketing campaign analytics.


How To Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is loaded with attractive features that makes it a perfect tool for business marketing.  Here are a few of them:

  1. Customer data analytics
  2. Marketing through social media
  3. Customer engagement in real-time
  4. Automating email marketing
  5. Mobile messaging (SMS) and sending push notifications
  6. Allowing multi-channel marketing and advertising


How does it help?


Using Data-Driven Information For Sending Information Regarding Personalized Offers


Salesforce helps in triggering the interest of customers by sending messages about personalized offers, based on their past behaviour. It is made possible because of the customer data stored in the marketing cloud. Contact details of each customer is made available through the Salesforce cloud platform, and any change in the customer profile is automatically updated.  Not just this, purchasing history and search history of each customer can be easily analyzed to get an idea about his choices. It enables the businesses to interact with the customer in a much more familiar way, and provide information about the product availability, new  arrivals, and discount offers.


Customer Engagement Through Multi-channel Messaging


SFMC Journey builder enables the businesses to prepare customer journeys consisting of SMS messaging, WhatsApp messaging, and email messaging. These messages help in grabbing the attention of customers and sending timely information about different things, including special discount offers, or any such thing that might result in better sales. Such messaging systems also help in maintaining post-purchase communication and for ensuring better services. 


Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. Integration of Capabilities-SFMC can be integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to enhance its capabilities. It also has various APIs such as REST API and a SOAP API that helps in creating, retrieving, updating, or deleting records. Salesforce AppExchange can be used for integrating third-party applications for enhancing capabilities, increasing functionalities, and customizing the Salesforce platform for meeting specific business goals. 
  2. Data Management- SFMC has the capability of storing various types of data and creating specific data models as per the business requirements. Salesforce experts often use data extensions to form a relational database using SQL.  It helps in customer building and segmenting them into different categories as well.
  3. Application of Artificial Intelligence- Salesforce Einstein is the artificial intelligence feature that can be integrated with SFMC for predicting customer behavior and designing marketing tactics accordingly.  It also helps in choosing the best time for sending messages to the customers.